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Well My fellow Americans I hope you are all safe & healthy.

Houston has yet to open for Salons :(

I do have a waiting list until the meantime. Since re opening dates have not been confirmed I have not began to make appointments in order to avoid constant rescheduling. If you are interested in making an appointment with myself please leave your email with details of the service you would like, full name & number.

I will send out updates as soon as I am informed. I am very much exited to get back to my craft & to see all you lovely people & how this experience has been for you. :)

**** Please Pleaseee PLEASEEE do not color your own hair.. If you must be aware that it could be a costly & time consuming project to fix or alter. Feel free to contact me for any tips for the meantime.

Hold on in there we should be open mid May. YOU CAN DO IT! ^_^

I Have attached here some Tai Chi, we have the virtue of time in these current days & we should appreciate it for time is priceless. I am a beginner in this for sure but the few lessons I've had have been very stimulating to mind and body, I highly recommend :]

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