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Balayage ... what is this? Houston hair

The most requested color service around. This is typically a "lived in" highlight technique. Balayage was created to mimic the look of beach hair. When salt water & the sun naturally pre-lighten the most exposed strands, magic beautiful hues happen.

This service can be quite delicate & soft or bold & bright however always "lived in".

The term is due to the lightness not beginning from the roots. It starts around eye level feathering out to the ends.

Not all instagram posts are true Balayage, so make sure to have a clear communication with your stylist on what your perception of Balayage is. Bring references of your desired hair goals. ** references arent always achievable but they are a great tool in keeping a clear understanding of what your expectations are. I as your stylist will take the starting point in making an action plan for our make over.

balayage technique
houston balayage

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