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Vidal Sassoon style cuts is a detailed technique, takes the cutting down to the core of geometry. Creating straight lines on a round surface to flow with the natural hair growth pattern. This technique allows your hair to air dry beautifully & the grow out phase clean & smooth until your next visit. Fine hair, thick, or course this style of technique originated from London.



Custom Color 

People who are looking for full coverage color to transform your look or to cover & blend silver hair.

Personal favorite way to enhance my skin tone & features. My hair is a dark warm brown/black, I use a mixture to lift my hair a few shades lighter with a matte cool finish.

This softens & adds contrast to my warm skin tone.

Taking careful consideration of skin tone, eyes ,& spirit we can create the most flattering hue for you.


Root TouchUp 68

Full HairColor 95

Brazilian Blowout

BRAZILIAN BLOWOUT IS THE ONLY SMOOTHING TREATMENT ASKED FOR BY NAME.  Through the use of breakthrough bonding technologies, these custom smoothing treatments actually improve the condition of the hair by creating a protective protein layer around the hair shaft to eliminate frizz and smooth the cuticle.

Cut your routine in half & air dry without Frizz!


S.195  M.265  L.335

Classic Highlights

Classic foil highlights create soft, cohesive dimensional polished looks. Spacing, weaving, & slicing make for seamless youthful glow of natural lows & highs. If you like a more natural look without high contrast this technique could be the right one for you.


Partial 195 - Full 265+

Special Event Styling

Wedding, Prom, Galas for these events you want to feel & look your best. 

Your hair is your crown wear it boldly & proud.

 *Consultation is required due to the various styles and possible use of extensions.



Color Correction

Color correction isn't always a nightmare but the lines can be blurred. If you have a previous chemical color darker than the color you are aspiring for then you probably need a color correction. This service does require a *mandatory consultation with strand test. We will determine during this consultation the health of your hair, current pigments, where you want to be & what we will do to get there safely.

*This service requires a reservation fee of 95. 


Project 101 per hour.


Balayage is the skill of hair painting, paired with strategic placement to give you a natural sunkissed lived in look. This transformation is one of the least maintenance highlighting technique thus making it one of the most requested on my books.




Best way to have the mermaid hair of your dreams within just a few hours!

I specialize in Tape in Extensions. They are one of the most natural looking & comfortable in the market. Using Bellami hair I can guarantee the quality. 

All extension installations require consultation minimum week prior to actual appointment date.

During our meeting we will decide texture color, length, & it will be ready to go by your appointment date.


Perpack Installation 130+.

Blow dry Style

Pamper yourself to a shampoo deep tissue scalp massage following a beautiful bouncy smooth blow.




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