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Should I highlight or color I'm scared!..

This topic is quite a tricky one for many...

Hair tinting, dyeing, highlighting, or anything in between was designed to enhance, brighten, cover, or change. Its a creative fun service :) .

With that said, the new trends today are very minimal hints of color. A few clients I've come across fear color so I had to ask why?

These are a few reasons;


> commitment


> unnatural look

> bad experience

Let me give you a few answers to help you if these are some of your concerns.

I want to start with <commitment >that actually ties in with <unnatural look & bad experience>. Consultation, Most of these concerns are due to the lack of a clear consultation. Every has a different perspective of what beauty is a direct communication gets everyone on the same page, Im talking about Placement, hue, & most of all life style. Is the vision you have an actual achievable task that you can style & live with until your next appointment.

Let us know; come in with a goal or at least be sure to disclose exactly what you do not want so that there is a road map to magical results. There are many hues & techniques that are minimal, placed in the right places can really enhance key features like your eyes, nose, cheekbones, chin, brows etc. This keeps you from having a bad experience because your stylist will be clear on what you need & want, also this helps us to know how committed you are to a look. Again there are many techniques & depending on how often you want to come see us will direct us to know what would and wouldn't work for you particularly.

**** blogs on details of techniques will be available ;)

Last but not leassst damage.. This is completely avoidable with being honest with your professional. Giving detailed explanation of your previous chemical services no matter how small you feel it is including medications that you take that could affect the chemicals we use. Come in with a reasonable request & keep an open mind to what your stylist recommends.

>>---> Always request a bond builder in your color services because this ensures your bonds aren't compromised & enforces them. Ask about it.

If you happen to of gotten through this blog please let me know your thoughts :]

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