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Brazilian Blowout; What sealed the deal for my clients ?..

Updated: Dec 27, 2019

Brazilian Blowout the one and only.

Here in Houston we have a blessing/curse called Humidity.....

Amazing for the skin, but a nightmare for our hair! :(

If you haven't battled with Frizz then you might not relate. Those of us who have know its been a life long struggle.

Everyday is a good hair day.

Well ladies & gents Brazilian Blowout has been my life saver.

I am a curly haired gal, I love my curls my goal is not to get rid of them I simply want a clean curl without all the frizz!

Thinking back on the olden days where I'd be out dancing at an awesome disco... next thing

I see right at me on a mirror. My hair frizzy, puffy, & no amount of water or castor oil could tame! Brazilian Blowout has allowed me a way to finally appreciate my hair.

This product is made of proteins & amino's that wrap around each hair strand, resulting in extremely shiny reflections, filing in gaps of fragile hair enforcing it, protecting from heat tools & UV rays. This protein coating keeps your textures integrity with out the extra frizz sealing out humidity as well as locking in color extending its vibrancy.

This even works for those with crazy hair patterns. example; if your hair splits right down the middle in the back Brazilian can be applied to over direct in that area, it will aid quite a bit the battle of it all. If you have bangs that you're tired of styling every day, well you can simply apply to the fringe to keep them smooth effortlessly.

Silver Foxes please note as we lose pigment we loose elasticity, collagen, & sheen. All these concerns are taken care of in one service.

If you are a person who needs to add some kind of heat just to keep it neat, or just give up & put it in a bun to avoid dealing with it, do not hesitate try it at least once to see what I am preaching about.

I believe if there is a solution out there for something no amount of thick oils could mask I want to share it.

**If you read this entirely please let me know & ill give you a sweet deal for your first appointment with me :)

Feel free to ask any questions, "there's no such thing as a dumb question" its my pleasure.

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