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The Beginning of ME...

Updated: May 4, 2020

Well ... This is quite a journey. Hair styling isn't all the glitz & glamour you imagine. You do not wake up take a class & boobm you're a master stylist!

Hahahaha.... had I known this would actually be real "work" I might of not gone this route...

I am very glad that I was ignoranttttt.

Yes CLICHE coming upppp ==> This career has made of me a person I respect admire & look up to. Objectives that I couldn't even fathom accomplishing a few years ago... done.

Taking on tasks that make one uncomfortable anxious & doubting if this is even the correct path ... I can not even tire of explaining the fire I feel within but being scared to let it fully burn.

Each fail broke me to my core.. shook all my beliefs... but only briefly. My will to believe in magic.. I refer that "thing" no one can install nor tear down & allows one to prevail MAGIC.

So here I am with all this knowledge, skills, new business, hardly any reviews lol.... but there is always a beginning.. there was a discovery...

My former boss would say to me "Whats the Best Written Book Worth if no one has Read it?"....

.... So I pushed my self to get away from the shadows of self doubt.

I perfected my craft took all the extra training's, seminars, fashion events, to the point where I find myself just so comfortable in my skin in my choices even an educator hahaha.. I laugh in disbelief of how much courage this lad had inside I never knew about.

I decided to share a bit about me because I want you to know who I am.

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